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During its 2017 Annual Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple announced the release of Apple HomePod, a long awaited answer to its competitors Google Home and Amazon Echo. During the announcement, Apple claimed that this Smart Speaker will

re-invent ‘Home Music’ and even compared it to the Sonos; a Smart Network range of wireless speakers. Both Google Home and Amazon Echo have been battling out on who is the leading Smart Speaker in the market, but will HomePod be able to blow out its competitors in this smart-speaker showdown with its higher priced device with a starting of $349?

Apple HomePod Specifications

  • Has A8 and W1 chips.
  • Classic woofer with custom made amplifier.
  • 7 beam-loaded tweeters
  • 6 microphones
  • Low-Internal frequency microphone calibration for automatic bass correction.
  • An 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi support with multiple inputs, multiple output (MI-MO) wireless technology.
  • Available in white or Space Grey color.
  • Measures 172 mm high,142 mm wide and weighs 2.5 kg

Design and Features.

It has been designed with 4 inches upward facing woofer & paired with an array of 7- beam tweeters, each with an amplifier which Apple promises will rock any room with great sound quality. HomePod is more than just a loud wireless-speaker. It has Siri

baked into it which means it will be able to answer queries such as Home & Echo and allow users access to Apple Music’s catalogue which has over 4 million songs with just a simple Voice can play songs as albums, genre or based on artists and lets you know information such as when the song was recorded or a ‘play more songs like this’ option.

The voice commands are picked by the speakers 6-microphone array found on the top ring of the device enabling voice to be picked up from anywhere in the house, even when music is playing.

The inside is also designed with very powerful features. The speakers are backed-up with spatial awareness technology and powered by an A8 chip which means that it will be able to have better sound predictions and perform real time acoustic modeling, ensuring the speakers deliver the cleanest and the deepest bass possible shaping the sound production in the room it is in. The W1 chip supports multi-room audio which makes it easy for it to be paired with other Apple devices.

It’s smart functionality feature is similar to what Apple users have experienced with Siri. It can be used as a reminder, weather checker and to answer questions. A Siri waveform will always appear on the top-section when responding to queries. You can also integrate it with all the Home-Kit compatible devices making your home to be a smart hub.

Security and privacy have also been put on emphasis. Apple claims that HomePod will only be able to send any type of information to the Apple’s servers after the ‘Hey Siri’ is recognized. Even after the information is confirmed, it will be encrypted & sent using the anonymous Siri- identifier.

The device is designed with a cylindrical shape and It will be available in either Space-Grey or White color. At just under 7-inches tall, this smart speaker is fully covered with a seamless 3D-mesh fabric with space at the top for Siri Interface. Contrary to earlier speculations, there will be no any touchscreen and it will be released in December 2017.